Joining the Foundation

Please read the rules for joining the Fund carefully!

The Cloudberry charity Foundation provides assistance in obtaining material and other assistance to minors left without parental care, as well as to pensioners, refugees, internally displaced persons and other categories of socially unprotected persons, regardless of their nationality, citizenship, or religion.

Only members of our organization are eligible for assistance

To get help from our organization, you need to fill out a form:

Request-for-assistance agreement

After completing the questionnaire, you must send the package of documents by mail to the address: 629307 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The City Of Novy Urengoy. Railway Street. House 2 apartment 78. Make sure to enclose a letter with a description of what Your family needs. After receiving Your letter and documents, we put You on the queue, and as soon as it is suitable, We contact you.

If your family filled out the form and confirmed their status by email with a scan of the document, we invite you to follow the news on our website (section wards) This is where information about You or Your family will be posted. When filling out the form, make sure that all data is entered correctly (especially email and phone number)

If you signed up for any assistance but didn’t receive an email, then you weren’t included in the list.

After receiving any help, you must post a review with a photo report on the page (if you need to place an additional report on your page or on the page of the charity, you will receive an email with clarifications to your email address

If You are included in the list and do not show up without a valid reason, the assistance is canceled. A valid reason may be illness when presenting a certificate from this day



-Go personal, insult and humiliate the honor and dignity of the FOUNDATION TEAM

-Insult and use obscene language towards the Foundation and its organizers

-Discuss or argue with the decision of the organizers

-Discuss community members, except in cases where community rules are violated-Write personal requests to sponsors, volunteers, and management.