Gas Producer Cultural and sports Center»

KCC «Gazobytchik «is one of the enterprises of Gazprom dobycha Urengoy LLC and fulfills its main task — providing gas producers of Novy Urengoy and their families with services in the sports and recreation, cultural and leisure spheres.

Gazodobytchik appeared as a House of culture in 1986, although the company’s history dates back to 1976, with the Fakel club — the first cultural and leisure institution in Novy Urengoy. In 2000, a new, unique multifunctional building with a total area of 15,800 square meters was built and put into operation.

Today, Gazobytchik has all the conditions and opportunities to organize special receptions, official meetings, festivals of various levels, and tour performances. All the halls of the Center are original in design, equipped with modern sound, light and video equipment, which allows you to hold events of different forms and themes for different age groups: from matinees for preschool children to evenings for veterans, from family celebrations to anniversaries of large enterprises, from dance and entertainment programs to choreographic, vocal and theatrical productions.