The team of the Foundation

Of Alimardan

the Director of the Charity Fund "Cloudberry»

When we commit shameful acts, we turn to the clergy, share our innermost secrets, and sincerely repent. Imams, rabbis, and priests give instructions and ask God to forgive our sins.

Of course, I’ve done things in my life that I’m ashamed of. Like many others, I shared my pain, repented, and asked for forgiveness. However, in my opinion, to atone for the guilt, there are few confessions, few sincere words.

It is important to cover your unworthy actions with real deeds. This partly influenced the decision to create a charitable Foundation


photographer; volunteer of the Cloudberry charity Foundation»

I love my work because it comes from the heart.

Every captured moment is a story, a memory. Therefore, it is very important that the images are alive and as realistic as possible.

Only such photos, in which you put your heart and soul, have real value


radio and TV presenter, journalist; specialist in information work of the charity Foundation "Cloudberry»

I like the activities of the Cloudberry charity Foundation.

I like the positive attitude to the life of the team members, I like the projects, I like the slogan — we started all this for a reason!

I am for good deeds and for positive!!!


musician; leader of the Group "energy of Sound"; partner of the charity Fund "Cloudberry»

Every campaign, every marathon, is a real help.

And if we managed to give someone a little warmth, I am happy, because this is a part of my work



«Reports, cost estimate, is doing inventory in the debits and credits – all this is of course very important.

But in life there is also something without which it is impossible to imagine the world – faith, hope, love» !



More business, less words. — I completely agree with this popular expression. In my work, I am demanding both to myself and to my colleagues. For me, it is important that the task was correctly and clearly spelled out, so that everything was laid out on the shelves. I love my work for the fact that it brings benefits to people, for the opportunity to show creativity and creativity.