Matvey Kubyshkin

I can’t hear or speak. I Express my thoughts in lines, in gestures, in songs… Matvey Kubyshkin Matvey is 21 years old. He has a hearing disability, but this does not prevent him from leading an active lifestyle, communicating on the Internet, blogging, and practicing sign singing. Every person is different, everyone lives in their …

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Хадиджа Ибрагимова

Khadija Ibragimova

Khadija was born prematurely at 26 weeks. It weighed only 980 grams. After the maternity ward, she spent 2 months in intensive care. Khadija could not breathe on her own, so she breathed using an oxygen pillow. The entire treatment process was accompanied by rehabilitation specialists. Over time, it turned out that Khadija had vision …

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