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I want to reach out to my musician friends. Let me call you friends, even if we don’t know each other. I’m not a musician, but music has become a part of my life. After composing a song, I hurry to call a friend to rate my new creation. Although, I admit, there were times when I got the answer-old Man, are you out of your mind, what song? It’s three o’clock in the morning.


Musicians are often considered strange. But it is these oddities that change the lives of millions of people, make us kinder and more attentive to others. Music works wonders-it helps lovers to reunite, inspires the spirit and gives incredible strength in an unequal battle, fills our worldview with magical emotions. When I first heard the Eagles ‘ song “Hotel of California” as a boy, I thought, “Damn, what a song!!! These guys could become millionaires by singing just one song!!!


Friends! We invite you to take part in our online music video festival. We will look at and evaluate your work with great interest
Participation in the festival is an opportunity to Express yourself, not only as a musician or performer, but also to prove yourself as a music video maker, Director, screenwriter, artist. To become a participant of the festival, you need to fill out an application that is located on our website and post a link to your video. By participating in our clipfest, you are doing a great good deed-helping people with autism


Until recently, to shoot a video, you had to contact production studios, use expensive equipment, and attract professional video makers. Today everything is much simpler. Many famous artists are increasingly shooting videos on regular cell phones. By the way, this has its own trick. In such clips, I think, there is more freedom and sincerity. They make it possible to move away from classical norms and create something original and unique.

The works of the festival participants will be evaluated by a professional jury. Moreover, there will be two groups in each category:

1. Professionals (high-budget clips made in professional production centers)

2. Amateurs (videos made by members of musical groups)


Our project is quite long in time – 12 months. It will last until December 2021. If our plans are not disrupted by the pandemic, we will hold a gala concert in the final.

All information about the festival, as well as the Regulations for participants are posted on the websites:

Alimardan Ruziev

With sincere warmth and respect, project Manager Alimardan Ruziev

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