The first festival “MO-ROSH-KA” – we started it all for a reason!!!

The first festival “Cloudberry” was held in support of the rock movement in Novy Urengoy and is dedicated to the work of Viktor Tsoi. Organizers: Charitable Foundation “Cloudberries” and a Cultural and Sports Center “Gazodobytchik”.

The concert was attended by eight new Urengoy rock bands and a group from Nadym FPF. Participants presented covers of songs by Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group.

Two and a half hours passed quickly. A photo zone was set up in the hall. Got a powerful bike “Yamaha”. From those who want to capture themselves against the background of a motorcycle, there was no end.”

“Ali Ruziev and Vitaly Maltsev

“I am satisfied with the concert. I liked everything: the organization, the sound, the musicians, the audience. Everything was in style and without frills”Vitaly Maltsev – specialist of the marketing Department of KCC “Gazoobytchik”

“I Am overwhelmed with emotions. I like everything. I am grateful to everyone and I say with pride – we started all this for a reason!!!”

Alimardan Ruziev – Director of the Cloudberry charity Foundation»

Oleg Lutsenko

We are veterans of the rock movement in Novy Urengoy. We regularly take part in music parties. The current festival is noticeably different from previous events. We had the opportunity to perform at one of the best venues with great sound and organization.”

Oleg Lutsenko – frontman of the band “Night Siberia»

Sergey Velikodnev “Arkaim”

“I am glad that young teams are also passionate about live music and rock music in General. Today they demonstrated original Tsoi covers with interesting musical solutions. I will say directly, young people are on their heels, but we do not mind, because we do one common thing”

Sergey Velikodnev – leader of the group “Arkaim-89»

Anastasia Ogurtsova gr. Unfrozen»

Choi United the older generation and young people. he believes that his songs are still relevant today. She is very happy that the band has the opportunity to present the songs of the legendary musician.”

Anastasia Ogurtsova – soloist of group “Unfrozen»

Oleg Krotov

In 2017, the musician Oleg Krotov made a great cover of the song from the famous “sorokopyatka” “Tree”. Then this piece was awarded the diploma “Best arrangement”. Today, Oleg presents this song as part of the Group “energy of sound”, which, according to the musicians, was put together on the eve of the festival.

Anya Chegodaeva “Sid”

On the eve of the festival, the singer of the band “SID”disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His place was taken by Anna chegodaeva. She often performs at city venues with light songs. But hardly anyone could have guessed that chegodaeva performs rock so well! Anya harmoniously fit into the rock party, and what is called “tore” the hall.

FRF “String”

A curious situation occurred during the performance of the FPF group. Musician and vocalist team Eugene Losykov so emotionally performed the song “blood” that broke a string on the guitar. However, this did not prevent the musicians from continuing their performance and making a real splash. The audience did not let go of the guests from Nadym for a long time, demanding to perform encore songs.

“Blood group”,” Mama Anarchy”,” We want to dance”,” Change”,” summer will end “- all these compositions were performed in original interpretations at the first charity festival”Cloudberry”. Viktor Tsoi – United new Urengoy rockers on one stage. Who of the legendary musicians will be dedicated to the next festival, the organizers leave a secret.

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